ApolloBVM: Automated, Add-On Solution to Bag Valve Masks for COVID-19 Patients

A team at Rice University has developed an automated bag valve mask ventilation unit that can be built for less than $300 in parts, and help patients in treatment for COVID-19. The device could reduce the load on existing ventilators, to help people who are in respiratory distress but not at a critical stage. The ApolloBVM  is a controllable, automated add-on solution to the pre-existing and widely available Bag Valve Mask (BVM). The device compresses the BVM with a mechanical system that is able to provide consistent and accurate ventilation with positive-pressure. The current prototype employs a dual rack-and-pinion mechanical design converting rotational motion of motors into translational motion for bag compression. The ApolloBVM is replicable with off-the-shelf electronics, 3D printed components, and protective casing. The plans to build the unit are freely available online here .