Automated Visual Test & Measurement for Head-Up Displays

Engineered in response to OEM and supplier testing requirements (SAE; J1757-2), Radiant Vision Systems provides a comprehensive hardware/software solution to enable automated testing of head-up displays (HUD) in automotive, aerospace, and other integrations. The solution includes a high-resolution (to 43MP) photometric or colorimetric imaging system, electronic lens for automatic adjustment of camera focus and aperture, and TT-HUD™ Software with application-specific test library. The system can be integrated with robotics to automate the measurement of luminance, chromaticity, contrast, ghosting, distortion, MTF, eyebox, and more for a variety of HUD systems. Autofocus and distance calculation functions enable the system to locate virtual images at any point on the infinite plane for quick, remote setup, including locating and measuring variable-distance or AR-HUD projections and converting focal distances to real-distance units (e.g., meters). In this video, Bret Stonebridge from Radiant demonstrates how this test system enables rapid visual inspection of all optical HUD qualities.