TE Connectivity presents a new approach in radio tuner technology: The HIRSCHMANN MOBILITY Remote Tuner Module (RTM) for radio broadcast reception. The RTM concentrates central radio functions in one place at the rear of the vehicle. This simplifies the architecture of the entire antenna system considerably and minimizes the number of head unit (HU) variants for automotive manufacturers.

By moving the tuner closer to the antenna several major advantages are uncovered:

  • Proximity to antenna optimizes RF performance
  • Identical location as for antenna amplifier
  • Resolve issues in head unit, e.g. heat, EMC, space and variants
  • Digital audio transmission
  • Small footprint allows for easy packaging in the vehicle
  • Reduction of coaxial cables and connectors
  • No or less antenna amplifiers needed
  • Less expenses in the assembly
  • Lower development costs due to simple API interface