SH*T BREAKS: Dewesoft 7-Year Warranty for Data Acquisition Systems

Dewesoft is pleased to announce that all of its data acquisition systems delivered after 1 June 2021 will be covered by a 7-year warranty. During the 7-year warranty period, Dewesoft guarantees to keep your equipment in working order by repairing or replacing it.

The Dewesoft 7-year warranty is valid worldwide, no matter where the equipment is located. There are no hidden service costs or maintenance fees. The only requirement is that the system is sent annually for calibration and check-up at an authorized Dewesoft calibration and service center. See the link to worldwide locations and distributors.

We know that quality is not just what we put into the product, but what you get out of it. We know that your work depends on the reliability of your tools. That’s why we design and produce to give you a product of high performance and efficiency.

We build our equipment to last. We guarantee you that your hardware will be free from defects and functional, for as long as you use it. Our warranty covers that the instruments function as promised for a period of 7 years from the day of the delivery.

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