Partnering with Flexan during a new design process reveals clinical insights and opportunities for continuous innovation

Join Sherrie Trigg, Editor and Director of Medical Content at Medical Design Briefs, as she interviews Eric King, Vice President of Product Development at Flexan about how innovation answers market needs. Specifically, this video highlights how clinical insight can reveal opportunities for innovation when Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) and Medical Device Manufacturers are in true partnership with each other.

Eric describes a situation that many engineers face daily, there is an unmet market need and a path forward requires innovation. The OEM identified an opportunity to expand indications for use of their standard PICC catheter lines. The new indications had the potential to create a new market category and standard of care. This customer concluded that the standard design and materials comprising their PICC catheters were insufficient to meet the technical specifications required to meet the new indications for use. Although the customer had vast R&D resources, they had come to rely on Flexan’s design and manufacturing expertise during previous development projects and came to Flexan for a solution. Eric partnered with C.R. Bard (BD) to understand the unique clinical needs of the market and recognize the innovation required for continuous development cycle.