Designing and manufacturing complex, precision parts can be difficult and costly. Often, Engineers default to traditional machining when designing precision metal parts, but are there other methods that are better suited? Find out if cold forming is the right manufacturing capability for your next project in this 30-minute high-level introduction.

Topic of discussion will include:

  • Define what cold forming is and how it differs from machining.
  • Address the design, cost and production benefits of cold forming.
  • Describe optimal part geometries, materials and applications for cold forming.
  • Share some examples of precision cold formed parts.
  • Answer questions, including how to design to cold forming’s strengths.

As a result of this Webinar, you will have a new manufacturing tool that you can apply on upcoming projects as they fit the criteria, and start taking advantage of the benefits of cold forming, including:

  • Lower cost, particularly on parts made at high volumes
  • Increased tensile strength through work hardening.
  • High velocity production with consistent quality.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing, with virtually no waste!


Marian Watkins, Director of Marketing, Sussex Wire
Madan Mathevan, Vice President, Engineering, Sussex Wire

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