Westpak’s test professionals offer a short webinar focused on Accelerated and Real Time Aging, including how the technique is used in validating protective package systems. The presentation reviews the package systems tested, test equipment utilized, how Accelerated Aging and Real Time Aging complement one another, sample preparation tips, plus advice from the experts on how to ensure a successful test.

What's Covered:

  • Test Equipment OverviewAccelerated
  • Aging's Relationship with Real Time Aging
  • Types of Package Systems Tested
  • Effect of High Temperatures on Materials
  • Relationship of Time vs. Temperature

Webinar will Provide:

  • Understanding of Accelerated Aging and Real Time Aging
  • Accelerated Aging Test Case Study
  • Sample Preparation Tips

Who Should Benefit from Attending:

  • Life Science Professionals
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Quality / Reliability Staff


Katie Tran, Laboratory Manager, WESTPAK

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