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Advanced Passive Thermal Management: Applications and Solutions

As device power levels increase and foot prints decrease, Design Engineers are facing increasingly difficult thermal management challenges. This Webinar will discuss high performance passive thermal management solutions that are being successfully implemented in a variety of applications throughout the defense, medical, and power conversion industries.

In this free Webinar, Advanced Cooling Technologies will review the fundamentals of heat pipes and discuss best practices for their design and implementation into the next level assemblies. ACT will draw on experiences working with SSPAs, Phased Array Antennas, IGBTs, MOSFETs, Laser Diodes, Embedded PC/104 boards, Transmit-Receive devices, and AC-DC Power Converters to generate relevant examples of implemented passive thermal management solutions. The participant will come away with an understanding and appreciation of passive thermal management technologies, how they work, when they should be applied, and how they can improve component and system level design performance.

The Webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Heat Pipe Design Best Practices
  • HiK™ Benefits and Implementation
  • Loop Thermosyphons for Passive Thermal Management

For more information on the presented active thermal technologies, please visit www.1-ACT.com.


Deniz Pamukcu, New Business Development, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
Taylor Maxwell, Product Development Engineer, Custom Products, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.