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Lowering the Risk of Transit Electrification with Informed, Model-Based Strategies

In response to mounting concerns about climate change, many municipalities are working to increase the use of public transit while reducing the carbon emissions generated by that transit. For many transit authorities, the way forward is creating a smarter fleet electrification strategy that incorporates more electric vehicles in their fleets while keeping costs low. However, moving to an electric bus system can present serious challenges.

In order to ensure an optimized implementation of electrified bus fleets, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) worked with Maplesoft to develop a model-based approach to simulate the electrification needs of a public transit authority. By combining virtual prototyping techniques, electrification expertise, and data about actual buses and bus routes, MapleSim Fleet Forward analyzes electric bus behavior under a variety of conditions that allow transit authorities to identify electrification issues before they occur, and make informed decisions.

Attend this webinar to learn about a comprehensive set of tools and services that help transit authorities determine the best electrification strategy for their city. Hear from the NRC about a model-based approach that helps transit authorities become environmentally friendly, run an efficient electric fleet, lower risks and save money in the process.


David Holt, Lead Simulation Technician, National Research Council of Canada
Paul Goossens, Vice President, Market Development, Maplesoft