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Spacecraft Thermal Management: Board, Box and System Level Solutions

Are you ready to learn about out of this world cooling technologies? Join us for a Webinar to discuss thermal management products and design options for your satellite system.

Whether it’s a small CubeSat or large GEO satellite, Aerospace Engineers are always trying to package more capability in a smaller and more mass efficient design. These objectives lead to increased thermal densities and puts more importance on reducing temperature rise through the entire thermal resistance network. In space systems, all heat must be rejected via radiation which requires strong heat transport and conduction along the radiators to facilitate efficient dissipation. For duty cycle operating components, which is a growing requirement for LEO orbit satellites, storing thermal energy in small volumes in order to size radiators to average heat load becomes a desirable design option as well.

This Webinar will cover enhanced heat transfer options such as heat pipes with various space flown working fluids, thermal storage with phase change material (PCM) modules and system level design considerations.

For more information on the presented active thermal technologies, please visit www.1-ACT.com.


Bryan Muzyka, Sales Manager, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
Ryan Spangler, Lead Engineer, Def/Aero Products, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.