On-Demand Webinars: Medical

Designing Surgical Tools with Multiphysics Simulation

Designing and developing surgical tools that heat tissue for necrosis requires understanding the temperature distribution that develops during the use of the device. Multiphysics simulation enables designers to understand and address the interaction of the heat source with the body in order to develop devices that target specific tissue without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

Medical devices that seek to damage or remove tissue often use hyperthermic methods (also referred to as thermotherapy). Heat can be delivered to the tissue through hot liquids, electromagnetic radiation, and Joule heating. Tissue held in the 40–45°C temperature range for a sufficient time period will suffer damage or necrosis.

In this presentation, guest speaker Kyle Koppenhoefer from AltaSim Technologies will discuss the development of a model of a surgical device designed to remove adenoids. The webinar will also include a live demo in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and a Q&A session.


Kyle Koppenhoefer, Principal, AltaSim Technologies
Valerio Marra, Marketing Director, COMSOL