On-Demand Webinars: Defense

At the Crossroads: Examining the Intersection of the Modern Soldier with AR, IoT, and Network Security

How many of today’s standard technologies were nothing more than the fantasies of science-fiction buffs a few years ago? If the trend of innovation in sensors and wireless technology continues, what impact will it have on the soldiers of the future?

Many of the connectors, cables, sensors, and accessories that could transform warfare and defense are already in production but have not been widely applied to date. And in many cases, “off-the-shelf” sensors and connectors are simply not robust enough to face the punishing conditions of warfare. Our panel of experts will discuss how new technologies might be integrated into the battlefield, specifically focusing on the potentially transformative effects of the IoT, network security, AR, Nett Warrior, ruggedized devices, and much more.


Matt McAlonis, Engineering Manager
Doug Lawrence, North America Manager for Product Management