On-Demand Webinars: Imaging

Three Ways Thermal Cameras Make Autonomous Vehicles Safer


In Conjunction with SAE

There are over 500,000 thermal infrared cameras in cars today, warning drivers of objects on the roadway ahead. As we move through SAE automation level 2 and beyond, thermal infrared cameras will be a key technology in the safety sensor suite for ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

This 60-minute Webinar discusses thermal, or longwave infrared (LWIR), cameras that can be quickly integrated for testing and reliably classify objects in darkness. The cameras see 4x farther than headlights, through most fog, and are unaffected by sun glare, delivering improved situational awareness that results in more robust, reliable, and safe ADAS in autonomous vehicles.

The Webinar will explore:

  • Challenging but common visibility conditions where thermal infrared cameras provide the most value
  • Do thermal infrared cameras detect, classify, or handle both?
  • The performance gaps in the safety suite that are solved by thermal infrared cameras

A Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Mike Walters, Vice President, Product Management, Uncooled Thermal Cameras, FLIR


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International