On-Demand Webinars: Transportation

Virtual Hardware ECUs: A Positive Disruption for Automotive Software Development


Automotive systems require years of development before making it into a vehicle. With advanced driver assistance systems, infotainment, safety systems, and autonomous driving requiring more compute power and software content, automotive companies need to revisit their approach to software development and test.

Disrupting the current development process is necessary to leverage the latest computing platform. It’s important to start early by removing the dependency on hardware availability and to scale the development environment for better and more efficient software integration and test.

This 60-minute Webinar discusses how simulation of an electronic control unit, known as a virtual hardware ECU, can be used for the following:

  • To start software development early through fast/agile iteration, independent of hardware
  • To increase testing coverage
  • To accelerate cycles through the virtualization of test benches
  • To deploy in server farm for regression

Also presented will be an example of a multi-processor (MCU and SoC) virtual ECU executing AUTOSAR and Linux for an adaptive cruise control application. A Q&A will follow the technical presentation.


Kevin Brand, Senior Manager, Applications Engineering, Synopsys


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International