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Full Up Jet or No Go: The Paradox of Reliable RF/Microwave Signal Transmission


When it comes to reliable RF/Microwave signal transmission, the military aerospace industry has reached a MISSION CRITICAL juncture where the specification requirements no longer meet the demands and increase in technology to ensure a system’s functionality is capable of fulfilling its mission capability. The inability to quickly determine if a single cable is the root cause of unresolved system issues leaves Maintenance Officers with the responsibility to determine system serviceability and, ultimately, the success of the mission.

Join Chris Ericksen and Jim Foreman of Gore as they share deep industry expertise and speak to real-case examples, including how using the wrong cabling solution has negatively impacted a final outcome through schedule disruption, downtime and underperforming systems.

In this MISSION CRITICAL webinar, you will learn:

  • The evolution of RF/Microwave Signal Transmission and future for multifunction avionics
  • The impact of cable assemblies installed performance when compared to system requirements
  • The hidden costs when providing Full Mission Capable (FMC) systems
  • Identifying the decision makers along with roles and responsibilities for mission success
  • What conversations are motivated by future performance and overall aircraft availability
  • How to choose a partner who will provide proven expertise and technology for lifelong product performance

Gore combines proven heritage in military applications and qualified platforms along with a material pedigree in aerospace. Gore can address common challenges and problems associated with the subject of reliable RF/Microwave Signal Transmission. Gore also brings perspective on the decision-making process and the fallout of choosing the wrong solution.

Gore has worked within the military industry for more than 50 years, and their products are proven on many platforms. Chris and Jim are eager to share their knowledge and key learnings to help you improve product performance, decrease maintenance and downtime, reduce total costs and ultimately, MISSION SUCCESS!

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Chris Ericksen, Applications Engineer, RF/Microwave Cable Assemblies, GORE
Jim Foreman, Product Specialist, RF/Microwave Cable Assemblies, GORE