On-Demand Webinars: Photonics/Optics

Optical Coating Design


Most precision optics, whether used in scientific, medical, industrial, or military applications, incorporate some type of thin film coating to enhance their capabilities. This one-hour Technical Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs Media delves into the more popular types of coatings, what they do, and how they're applied.

Topics include:

  • How various forms of high-energy sputtering are used for complex types of hard-coated spectral filters requiring very high levels of precision, including multi-band filters, extremely narrow-band filters, and photometric filters precisely matched to CIE color spaces.
  • The basics of a modified magnetron sputtering method, including the configuration of a coating chamber.
  • Challenging types of filters manufactured with the modified magnetron sputtering method and the applications they serve, including filters for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence imaging, flow cytometry, LIDAR, astronomy, and photometry.
  • How stress considerations play a role in coating designs for applications in aggressive environments or on exotic materials.
  • The basics of thin film optimization techniques and a select survey of thin film optimization program features.
  • High LDT considerations on a coating design example (suppressed E-field).
  • Ultrafast laser coatings design considerations (management of GDD).
  • Design considerations for the near-ambient temperature fabrication regime.
  • How lasers and vision systems often employ components having unusual shapes and geometries in order to meet the relentless drive to reduce cost and improve performance.
  • The Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) coating process that specifically enables coating of highly curved and oddly shaped optics.

An audience Q&A is included.


John Atkinson, Product Engineer, and Jeff Carmichael, Director of Marketing, Chroma Technology
Chris Cook, Thin Film Development Technical Fellow, Edmund Optics
Evan Craves, Chemical Engineer, Deposition Sciences Inc.