On-Demand Webinars: Aerospace

Advanced Quality Planning and Production Part Approval Process (APQP and PPAP) Integrated Implementation with AS9100


The IAQG has released two key documents, AS9100D and AS9145. Both standards are beginning to have a significant impact in the Aerospace industry as major companies begin to develop and implement strategies for deployment of APQP both internally and to the supply base. AS9145, which integrates essential operational risk elements into the NPI (New Product Introduction) process, establishes minimum requirements for the Aerospace industry including standardized PPAP creation, retention and submission requirements. Omnex has been working with the Automotive industry since before the 1995 introduction of APQP, and with the Aerospace industry since 2009, helping to develop and implement APQP and PPAP in several major companies prior to the development of these industry standards.

This 30-minute Webinar will discuss best in class solutions for implementing effective APQP and PPAP systems. Additionally, it will address how Omnex integrates APQP and PPAP within AS9100D management systems. Strategies for implementing AS9145 and AS9100 will include comprehensive Integrated Management Systems, the effective use of System, Design and Process FMEAs (consistent with AS13004) for operational risk analysis, and the need for APQP/PPAP enabling software will be covered as well.


Dave Watkins, Senior Consultant, Omnex