On-Demand Webinars: Imaging

Innovative Approach for Ultrahigh-Speed Machine Vision


This 30-minute Webinar looks at an innovative approach to ultrahigh-speed digital imaging.

Discussion will focus on digital high-speed imaging options for applications that require detailed real-time analysis or extremely long record times, such as 3D printing in the metal industry and digital microscopy. Phantom cameras offer higher resolutions (up to 4K) and faster frame rates (up to 67000 fps), with up to 16 Gbps of data throughput. Copper CXP6 cable technology transfers important information to compatible, industry standard backend frame grabbers. The high frame rates and industry leading image quality make the cameras appropriate for object detection, tracking, defect detection, and pattern recognition in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and military applications.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Uma Gobena, Vision Application Engineer, Vision Research