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The Importance of Signal Routing to Maximize Automated Test System Performance and Reliability


When designing an automated test system, an important but often overlooked task is the development of a signal routing subsystem that connects the test instrumentation and switching elements to the device under test. Implementing a signal routing scheme that is poorly planned can negatively impact the system performance and the confidence in the quality of the product being tested. Conversely, the integrity of a test system and the range of instrumentation capabilities are maximized when up-front consideration is given to details such as overall path resistance, impedance matching, cable capacitance, and temperature rise.

This Webinar presents the various challenges that ATE system engineers face when architecting a cabling and interface system. It also discusses the impact that design decisions have on the overall performance of the test system. Topics include an examination of wiring and connector specifications and how they impact signals of interest, as well as the use of mass interconnect systems in a production environment.

An audience Q&A follows the 45-minute technical presentation.


Tom Sarfi, Business Development Manager, Pickering Interfaces
Brennan Caissie, North American Applications Engineer, Pickering Interfaces


Linda Bell, Editorial Director, Tech Briefs Media Group