On-Demand Webinars: Test & Measurement

From sensor to cloud: Do you know the crucial parameters in your measuring chain?


Expressions like IoT, Cloud and Industry 4.0 are common today. However, essential for every measurement is understanding the basics of the entire measuring chain. False or low-quality data doesn't improve just because it's located in a cloud, and even the smartest algorithms can't bring back information that wasn't physically captured.

Crucial for any measurement is the correct sensor selection, proper signal conditioning (which might include smart filtering) and selecting an appropriate data acquisition hardware that provides a high resolution and suitable sample rates for the signal to be captured. Then, a smart cloud application can provide added value.

This 60-minute Webinar will present the important steps of a measuring chain, from sensor to cloud. This will include insights into sensor selection, cabling influences, signal conditioning topics including noise, as well as choosing a suitable data acquisition system where sampling rates and anti-aliasing filters are crucial. Different network topologies and potential cloud advantages will be addressed as well. The important topic of measurement uncertainty will be touched upon as well. All this will be explained based on a practical example of a piezoelectric measuring chain to measure forces and moments.

Key Takeaways

  • A checklist detailing what to consider when selecting components for a measuring chain
  • How to compare noise values if they're specified in different ways
  • Understand aliasing, anti-aliasing filters and useful bandwidth
  • See topologies that make it easier to expand data acquisition systems
  • Understand the differences, pros, and cons of cloud solutions


Bill Zwolinski, T&M Application Manager Americas, Kistler Group
Martin Stierli, Team Lead DAQ Product Management, Kistler Group
Michael Lauffer, Product Manager DAQ Systems, Kistler Group