On-Demand Webinars: Medical

Sustainable Innovation in Medical and Health Care Applications


This 30-minute Webinar focuses on how innovative solutions can bring tangible benefits to the medical sector and its supply chain. Today’s medical products demand more from materials used in a variety of applications from medical and dental devices to prosthetics and other equipment.

Discussed are examples of how problems can be solved via material selection, material development, and alternative ideas that provide greater freedom to design complex shapes. Two case histories are included where design engineers and product developers were helped to select the right product by looking at end-use requirements and matching the polymer that gives the best cost vs. performance ratio. These examples also show how application development teams and computer-aided technical service groups helped to optimize the design and process for manufacturability by diving deep into application details.

The Webinar also looks at polymers that respond to healthcare environment needs for chemical resistance, environmental stress cracking, flexural fatigue resistance, and impact performance. Polymers are examined that can replace both metal and glass, while meeting end-use demands for primary functions including mechanical strength, dimensional stability, the ability to withstand a complex sterilization process, and biocompatibility, as well as secondary functions such as design integration, easy assembly, lighter weight, and adhesion. The result is a more sustainable, long-term solution in patient care applications.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Brian Lynch, Key Account Manager, North American Medical Market, EMS-GRIVORY America
Robert Moss, Application Development / Technical Service Engineer, Industrial & Consumer, EMS-Grivory


Sherrie Trigg, Editor, Medical Design Briefs