On-Demand Webinars: Communications

How to Integrate V2X Communication into Today’s Vehicles


An important step in automotive connectivity involves V2X technology. In the context of a vehicle's architecture, V2X is usually seen as an additional sensor unit with real-time, non-line-of-sight capabilities that enable a wide range of modern ADAS and autonomous driving functions that “see around the corner.”

There are several innovative approaches for implementing a V2X system into the vehicle architecture. This 60-minute Webinar looks at how to integrate V2X technology into intelligent transport systems, addresses optimum locations for V2X equipment, and discusses solutions including V2X antennas and compensators, as well as V2X control units with customized vehicle network interfaces. The speakers also share their views on the two major implementations – DSRC and C-V2X – and investigate their capabilities.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Steffen Lang, Manager Product Management, TE Connectivity
Robin Eifert, Product Development Engineer, TE Connectivity


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International