On-Demand Webinars: Aerospace

Update on Civil Certification of Multicore Processing Systems in Commercial Avionics


The transition from traditional federated systems to consolidated multicore platforms gives aerospace suppliers a competitive edge. This 60-minute Webinar examines the industry’s remarkable journey bringing multicore processing to avionics systems as well as the challenges of the DAL A aviation certification process. You will learn about the collaborative approach taken by Collins Aerospace and Wind River® in order to achieve DO-178C DAL A safety certification on an FAA Program of Record and the progress done so far.

The Webinar discusses:

  • The strategy created to meet safety certification objectives (e.g., CAST-32A) in a mixed-criticality system using multiple cores within a single system-on-chip (SoC) processor
  • Determinism analyses for dealing with potential multicore concerns such as interference channels
  • Current status on navigating avionics hardware and software certification guidance for achieving DO-178C DAL A safety certification on an FAA Program of Record

An audience Q&A follows the 45-minute technical presentation.


Dave Radack, Associate Director of Software Engineering, Collins Aerospace
Paul Parkinson, FIET, Field Engineering Director, EMEA A&D, Wind River


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International