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Modeling Interactions in Energy-Based Medical Devices Using COMSOL Multiphysics®


If you are interested in learning how to design, simulate, and prototype energy-based medical devices, then tune into this 60-minute Webinar featuring guest speaker Daniel Smith from Emphysys.

There has been an explosion of energy-based medical devices in recent years, with applications ranging from cosmetic to surgical use cases. The key design component is how energy is supplied to the device. This is often done via electromagnetic fields at frequencies ranging from a few hundred kilohertz all the way up to the gigahertz range. Power can be continuously delivered, or pulsed, creating various challenges in the design of the power supply.

As such, it is often necessary to consider the system as a whole. This requires expertise in physics, electrical engineering, mechanical design, numerical modeling, and embedded software. From a modeling perspective, the electrical circuit, electromagnetic radiation, thermal effects, and frequency-dependent material properties all need to be considered collectively, resulting in a classic multiphysics problem.

This Webinar presents some of the applications of energy-based medical devices, along with how Emphysys leverages modeling and simulation to assist in rapid prototyping and technology development. It also shows the steps required to model an aesthetic medical device and how the natural physics of the system can result in complex requirements for the power supply.

The Webinar concludes with a Q&A session.


Daniel Smith, Director of Modeling and Simulation, Emphysys
Walter Frei, Manager, COMSOL Applications Team