Webinars: Medical

A Review of Ionizing Radiation Sterilization Modalities


The use of high-energy ionizing radiation for sterilization purposes is an established and proven method for the inactivation of microorganisms on healthcare, food, and general industrial products. Several ionizing radiation modality options are available including gamma, electron beam, and X-ray technologies.

What modality is the appropriate and most efficient option for the sterilization of your product? This 45-minute Webinar focuses on a comparison of gamma, electron beam, and X-ray technologies to guide a manufacturer through this critical decision. Each option has advantages, disadvantages, and limitations that a manufacturer should take into account during the design and development phase of the product lifecycle. The selection of the proper modality will help ensure a safe, efficient, and capable process to consistently meet your product specification.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Mike Flanagan, Radiation Technical Advisor, Expert Advisory Services, Sterigenics