On-Demand Webinars: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Heavy-Duty Engine Design for a Transitioning Market


An uncertain regulatory climate. Augmenting with electrification. The potential for automated and partially automated vehicle operation. All these trends are affecting the way engine developers are approaching near-term engine design and development cycles. What are the most significant – and potentially most disruptive – factors that will influence engine developers in the next three to five years? Can combustion and aftertreatment advances continue to satisfy global pressure for reduced diesel emissions at an acceptable cost?

This 60-minute Technical Webinar from the editors of SAE International examines emergent engine design and technology trends that are likely to advance as smart choices in a transitioning environment of on- and off-road heavy-duty engines.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Pierpaolo Biffali, Vice President, Product Engineering, FPT Industrial
Mihai Dorobantu, Ph.D., Director, Technology Planning and Government Affairs, Eaton Vehicle Group
Larry Fromm, Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, Achates Power


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International