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Top 10 Challenges in Evaluating Medical Devices for MRI Safety


There are several safety concerns for patients with metallic implants who require MRIs, including magnetic forces, torques, radio-frequency-induced heating, gradient-induced heating and vibrations, unintended stimulation, and device malfunction.

One of the primary challenges in evaluating radio-frequency-induced heating is determining the worst-case device. MED Institute has successfully used validated simulation tools to identify the worst-case device size, configuration, material, orientation, and MRI scanner for a wide range of medical devices.

In this 60-minute Webinar, Dr. David Gross from MED Institute Inc. will discuss the challenges that medical device manufacturers face when evaluating medical devices for MRI safety. He will share a case study using COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software to predict the worst-case device size for RF-induced heating during MRI. Through this example, he will provide a brief introduction to the coupled electromagnetics and transient heat transfer and the associated experimental methods used for calibration of the model.

This Webinar will be of interest to regulatory scientists, development engineers, and clinicians concerned with MRI safety for patients with medical devices.

An audience Q&A will follow the technical presentation.


David Gross, Ph.D., Engineering Manager, MED Institute
Magnus Olsson, Ph.D., Technology Manager, Electromagnetics, COMSOL