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How Single Pair Ethernet Streamlines Aircraft Networks


Bandwidth-hungry electronics are increasing on aircraft as passengers and crews expect more from in-flight entertainment, cabin lighting, security and freight monitors, and other features. A significant amount of wiring and connectors is required to enable these capabilities, and designers need to implement smarter connectivity solutions without adding weight.

This 60-minute Webinar explores how the adoption of Ethernet technology is evolving to support the SWaP and performance needs of modern aircraft cabin networks. ARINC 854 single pair Ethernet technology-like TE's Mini-ETH-saves up to 70% system-level weight, cutting space and complexity by 30% compared to current eight-conductor solutions. Customers can also expect 50% faster termination time compared to existing installations.

The Webinar's speaker panel – experts from TE Connectivity – also discuss:

  • The origin of TE Connectivity's single pair Ethernet solution, Mini-ETH, and how it transitions from autos to aircraft
  • Technical advantages of Mini-ETH
  • SWaP, performance, and implementation advantages of Mini-ETH
  • Future provisions of Ethernet technology in aircraft

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.

Speakers from TE Connectivity:

Russ Graves, Global Aerospace Business Development Manager
Clint Schlosser, Product Manager
Robert Moore, Global Specialist and Principal Engineer, High-Speed Aerospace
David Procter, Product Manager


Bruce Bennett, Editor, Tech Briefs Media