Webinars: Medical

Materials Qualification of Healthcare Products to Radiation Sterilization


Sterilization process monitoring and control are key to product safety in the healthcare industry. New products that are biological in nature or made of materials that are sensitive to standard forms of terminal sterilization are requiring more developed tools to bring together the expertise needed to solve common problems in the sterilization industry.

This 45-minute Webinar provides guidance for healthcare product manufacturers in qualifying the material used in products being sterilized with radiation. It discusses how to select the ideal polymer candidate, how to identify effective ways of using radiation sterilization on various healthcare products, and how to determine sterilization processing conditions. Consideration of these requirements in the R&D phase or early design stage is critical to ensuring that they’re integrated in the qualification process. Ultimately, evaluating radiation sterilization on materials leads to a safe, functional product that meets end-user needs.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Fatima Hasanain, MSc., Polymer Materials Specialist, Nordion, A Sotera Health Company
Matt Gloudeman, Radiation Technical Advisor, Expert Advisory Services, Sterigenics, A Sotera Health Company