On-Demand Webinars: Automotive

Using the Virtual Prototype of the S32G Safe and Secure Vehicle Network Processor in Production


The challenge with highly complex automotive devices is to bring up the software as soon as the silicon becomes available, which applies to the entire automotive ecosystem, including internal teams, software partners, and external customers. The hardware-dependent software includes drivers, operating systems, and accelerator firmware, which need to be ready and integrated.

Using a pre-silicon virtual prototype of its S32G device, NXP was able to bring up most of the software within two weeks after first silicon became available. This 60-minute Webinar focuses on the production use of the NXP S32G274A virtual prototype for pre-silicon development, which consists of an Arm® Cortex®-A53 cluster with 4 cores, an Arm Cortex-M7 cluster with 3 lockstep cores, and automotive network accelerators with additional cores. The NXP S32G274A is an SoC for safe and secure vehicle applications.

Topics include:

  • Enablement for the software development and the deployed test harness
  • Ethernet real-world connectivity
  • Uart-terminal for an interactive Linux prompt
  • Software debugger enablement, including integrated and automated testing with Lauterbach
  • Virtual Measurement Automation Framework (vMAF) libraries built on top of the virtual prototype for automated driver testing of I/O and communication

The Webinar also highlights the collaborative development between NXP and Synopsys, covering the virtual prototype as well as a hybrid setup with a ZeBu emulator to accelerate the verification of driver software with RTL IP. It closes with a look at what is needed to deploy virtual prototyping broadly for model-based collaboration in the automotive supply chain.


Manfred Thanner, Manager, NXP
Ștefan Thiel, Senior Business Development Manager, Synopsys


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International