On-Demand Webinars: Imaging

Producing Optimal High-Speed Images for Automotive and Industrial Engineers


Whether you’re an engineer who analyzes high-speed images or you’re a photographic technician who is responsible for capturing those images, a solid understanding of high-speed imaging fundamentals will help you efficiently create quality images for automotive and industrial applications. For example, engineers require data from crash test footage to make critical design decisions. Understanding lens and sensor characteristics can help you better predict where an element comes into camera view, elevating your images and enabling a safer outcome in the final automotive product.

Although crafting images for aesthetic purposes has value, crash tests, airbag testing, and other industrial technical imaging applications have unique requirements, necessitating specific uses for lighting, lens selection, camera positioning, and other concepts. This 30-minute Webinar explores some of the imaging essentials that can help you develop more beneficial photographic practices for automotive crash tests and other industrial applications.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Phil Taylor, Imaging Specialist and Field Applications Engineer, Vision Research Inc.


Linda Bell, Editorial Director, Tech Briefs Media Group