On-Demand Webinars: Automotive

The New DIS ISO/SAE 21434: Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering


The Automotive Cybersecurity Draft International Standard (DIS) ISO/SAE 21434 has just been published. There are 15 clauses in this release of the standard with 17 cybersecurity management processes. A new clause has been added from the previous version on continuous cybersecurity activities, which includes cybersecurity monitoring, cybersecurity event assessment, vulnerability analysis, and vulnerability management.

Continuous cybersecurity activities are what differentiates cybersecurity from functional safety. In this 30-minute Webinar, Omnex’s Dr. Juan Pimentel, a contributor to ISO/SAE 21434 and ISO/PAS 21448 standards, explains the nature and requirements of ISO/SAE 21434 that are crucial for current automotive development processes. He is the lead instructor in Omnex’s SAE J3061 and ISO 21434:2019 Automotive Cybersecurity Certification course. An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Juan Pimentel, Ph.D., Consultant, Omnex


Lisa Arrigo, Tech Briefs Media