On-Demand Webinars: Software

How to Perform Accurate, Automated 3D Fatigue Crack Growth Predictions


This 30-minute Webinar demonstrates how to use your own CAD models and FEA tools to perform accurate, automated 3D component-level fatigue crack growth predictions.

A three-legged mount structure is used as an example to show:

  • Crack insertion and meshing capabilities using a Parasolid representation of a component
  • Plugin linkage to Ansys for easy definition of boundary conditions
  • Batch-mode solution and post-processing
  • Crack front advancement
  • Automatism of the entire fatigue crack growth simulation process

The Webinar explains how SimModeler Crack can help engineers leverage existing design and simulation tools to easily analyze a 3D structure containing one or more cracks and perform a damage-tolerant life assessment. It also covers various benefits including how to:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership and unnecessary operating costs by making use of your own engineering tools as well as trained personnel using business adopted tools
  • Improve accuracy of the fatigue crack growth life assessment by employing representative 3D finite element models of the component in service conditions
  • Reduce reliance on component physical tests and avoid costly design and tooling changes
  • Improve consistency and quality with standardized analysis processes (the ability to optimize designs and accurately predict product lifecycle and failure due to crack growth)


Adrian Loghin, Ph.D., Senior Application Engineer, Simmetrix