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Advanced High-Peak-Power Semiconductor Laser Transmitter Solutions for LiDAR


LiDAR for high-level autonomous driving is quickly progressing into mass deployment for everyday use. Several new car models announced for 2021-2022 launch will be equipped with the latest LiDAR technology, signaling an incoming wave of LiDAR commercialization. As a critical part of LiDAR system development, novel high-peak-power line beam and flash transmitter solutions based on EEL, VCSEL, or DPSS lasers with unique features are being developed for various LiDAR system architectures. These new transmitter solutions are delicately designed sub-modules comprising lasers, beam shaping optics, and driving electronics for ultra-high line density, high resolution, and long detection range and ultimately for automotive-grade low-cost mass production.

This 60-minute Webinar discusses various design approaches, technical challenges, latest development progress, industrialization status, and application examples of various LiDAR laser transmitter solutions.

The target audiences are: LiDAR development engineers or managers, autonomous driving hardware development from car OEMs, lasers and optics engineers working on LiDAR projects, and researchers in related fields.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Leon Li, Deputy GM, Automotive BU, Focuslight Technologies

Leon Li is the Deputy GM of the Automotive Business Unit at Focuslight Technologies. He has eight years of experience in sales and marketing, product management, R&D management, and strategic marketing at the company. He currently leads new product R&D and strategic marketing in Focuslight Automotive BU.


Lisa Arrigo, Editor, SAE Media Group

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