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Developing Multipoint FMEAs


An FMEA (failure mode effects analysis) traditionally incorporates only single-point faults. This 30-minute Webinar examines functional safety FMEA with multipoint faults. By constructing an FMEA using requirements from system, hardware, and software development, it’s possible to link the FMEA with the FMEDA (failure mode effects and diagnostic analysis) and FTA (fault tree analysis). This presentation shows an FMEA including both single- and multipoint faults and incorporating safety mechanisms as preventive controls.

A Q&A follows the technical presentation, which was presented at RAMS 2021: 67th Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium.


Greg Gruska, Champion for Functional Safety, Omnex

Greg Gruska is the Champion for Functional Safety at Omnex and a Fellow of the American Society for Quality. He has led multiple ISO 26262 engagements for Omnex. Greg previously managed the Quality Engineering Activity at General Motors. Greg was an active/writing member of the MSA, SPC, FMEA, and EFMEA Manual subcommittees of the American Automotive industry’s Supplier Quality Requirements Task Force which is part of the international task force governing IATF 16949. He is an ASQ certified Quality Engineer, a licensed Professional Engineer (CA - Quality), and a member of the SAE Functional Safety Committee (J2980) and is considered one of the foremost authorities on risk management. Greg has considerable hardware and software experience in automotive applications and has advanced degrees in mathematics and engineering from the University of Detroit, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University.

Chad Kymal, CTO, Omnex Inc.

Chad Kymal is the CTO of Omnex Inc., an international consulting and training organization. He audits multiple management systems including IATF 16949, Functional Safety ISO 26262, and Automotive SPICE. He also teaches lead auditor trainings in multiple management systems standards including Functional Safety and is an Intacs certified Automotive SPICE Competent Assessor. Chad was the CEO of a registrar that conducted multiple management systems standards. Chad graduated from the General Motors Institute. He also holds a master’s degree in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA Cum Laude from the University of Michigan.


Lisa Arrigo, Editor, Tech Briefs Media Group

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