On-Demand Webinars: Defense

Thermostatic Technology: Improve System Efficiency with Automatic and Precise Thermal Control


Modern technologies for aerospace and defense applications – including ground vehicles, aircraft, and space vehicles – are placing ever-increasing demands on the capabilities of thermal management systems. From the need for almost instantaneous warm-up times on equipment to thermal relief requirements to protect delicate components from overheating, thermal management is evolving to keep up with growing system complexity. Thermostatic valves and thermal actuators are ideal where precise thermal management is critical to operation success and are becoming a desired solution for system designers because of their ability to function without a power source as well as for their compact size and low SWaP.

Topics in this 30-minute Webinar include:

  • How thermostatically controlled valves operate
  • The benefits of using self-powered devices
  • Customizations that can be made to valve designs including temperatures, materials, and flow rates
  • Applications and installations
  • How thermostatically controlled devices can have a positive impact on avionics, space, and defense applications


Glenn Quinty, Senior Product Specialist, ThermOmegaTech

Glenn Quinty is a highly trained technical design engineer with 30+ years of experience and extensive knowledge of actuators, valves, pumps, sensors, hydraulics, pneumatics, and other mechanical operations. He has been part of the ThermOmegaTech team for 18 years and is currently the Senior Product Specialist, developing innovative thermostatic solutions for the aerospace/defense, industrial, railroad, and commercial plumbing industries. With expertise in complex design mechanisms and new product development, Glenn oversees projects from start to finish, utilizing DFM and DFA techniques to design thermostatic, self-operating valves and devices. Previously, Glenn was employed by Hale Products Inc. as a Product Engineer/Designer and by Thermo Seatronics as a Senior Product Specialist. He graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Villanova University.


Bruce Bennett, Editor, SAE Media Group

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