Tech Talks: Automotive

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle - Is Your Design Robust and Optimized to Win the Race?

In Conjunction with SAE

To win the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle race, automotive companies need to deliver systems that are robust and optimized. Getting to the right results, developers need to leverage the power of virtual prototypes. Virtual prototypes allow you to address system challenges such as load balancing, efficiency studies for battery management, control challenges such as validating control, optimizing motor efficiency and extending speed range, and inverter/gate drive challenges such as optimizing switching losses or reducing voltage/current spikes.

This Tech Talk highlights the challenges of EV/HEV design and the requirements to address these challenges using virtual prototyping. An expert will demonstrate a virtual prototyping solution using Saber, a physical simulation tool, allowing for system level and detailed design of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, including motors, motor inverters, control, energy storage, and the associated power electronics. The presentation will highlight the power of Saber through examples of system level design and optimization, control system design, and the design and analysis of a detailed IGBT-based motor inverter.

Audience members will have the opportunity to send questions to the speaker.


Nicolas Brown, Saber Applications Engineer, Synopsys


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International