Tech Talks: Medical

Innovate Therapeutic & Drug-Delivery Devices for Home-Use

As medical devices get smaller, smarter, and more connected, even small components like force sensors play an instrumental role in the accuracy and usability of the device. Today, more and more patients with medical conditions ranging from arthritis to multiple sclerosis are electing to use home-use therapeutic & drug delivery devices for their treatments, including self-injectors, wearable auto-injectors, and similar treatment methods.

Most of these types of devices in some way require a change in force to function. The ability to capture and/or monitor these changes in force is a crucial design consideration. This presentation highlights examples of how thin, flexible FlexiForce™ sensors can help design engineers equip these devices to accommodate patient needs while providing accurate force feedback.


Mark Lowe, VP of Sensors, Tekscan


Lisa Arrigo, Tech Briefs Media Group