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Integrating Infection Prevention: 3 Commonly Asked Questions about UVC LEDs


An increase of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, the growing sector of people 65 and older, improved access to healthcare in developing countries, coupled with strict reporting guidelines, demand new infection-prevention methods for overburdened healthcare environments. In addition, the HHS 2020 HAI reduction targets pose an opportunity for medical device OEMs to add value to their products by providing a non-chemical means to combat infections. Integrating deep UV LEDs offer healthcare OEMs the ability to address these market challenges with proven technology that reaches beyond traditional surface wipe protocols.

Medical device and equipment manufacturers are finding innovative ways to help hospital administrators reduce cost, save time, and tackle the growing challenges of antibiotic-resistive superbugs responsible for healthcare-associated infections.

This Tech Talk covers three primary questions often posed early in the technology evaluation process of UVC LEDs for the advancement of infection prevention.

  • Is deep UV proven effective against the spread of infection?
  • Is it safe for use with my medical device?
  • How long will the device last?


Mark Pizzuto, Director of Global Product Management – Disinfection, Crystal IS


Lisa Arrigo, Medical Design Briefs