Tech Talks: Electronics & Computers

Harness Architectures: The Link Between Physical and Logical


The volume of electronics in vehicles is growing exponentially as more and more technology is added. This has in turn added complexity to the way electronic sub-systems in a vehicle are connected to each other. While tools exist to help design the wiring within a vehicle, there is often a disconnect between the mechanical engineer who defines the electrical system topology of the vehicle, the electrical engineer who designs the electrical systems included in a vehicle, and the mechanical engineer who takes the electrical system and defines how to physically implement it within the constraints of the vehicle’s electrical system topology. This type of segregation leads to delays in the design and manufacturing of a vehicle, as well as introduces design errors that result in costly recalls.

This Tech Talk reviews how the use of Synopsys SaberES Designer’s Harness Architecture eliminates this disconnect by allowing all three engineers to work within the same tool and accelerates the total design process by using the same databases and automatically combining electrical system design information with electrical system topology information. In addition, it discusses why using a correct-by-construction approach eliminates potential data entry errors that lead to costly recalls or redesign.


Jeremy Poole, Saber R&D Manager, Synopsys


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International