Tech Talks: Medical

The Finishing Process: Preparing Advanced Medical Textiles for Implantation


Implantable medical textiles undergo a rigorous finishing process before becoming viable medical device components used in stents, hernia mesh, or synthetic ligaments. Suppliers employ a variety of finishing techniques such as scouring, heat treatment, coating, and welding to clean, shape, stabilize, and tune specific properties of a fabric (e.g., thickness, water permeability) to ensure that it maintains functional integrity throughout its lifespan in the human body.

In this Tech Talk, an expert in medical textile-forming technology breaks down the finishing process by reviewing:

  • The textile process flow from start to finish
  • Eight finishing processes for medical textiles commonly used by suppliers
  • How different finishing techniques impact the final fabric


Swati Patel, Senior Manager of Product Development, Secant Group, LLC


Lisa Arrigo, Tech Briefs Media Group