Tech Talks: Electronics & Computers

How to Achieve Traceable Measurements of Opto-Electronic Devices


With the advancements in electro-optical communication systems to meet the ever-increasing demands for higher data speeds, coupled with the market moving toward lowering the effective cost per bit per mile, component designers are struggling to keep costs low and still maintain better designs. Thus, optical component analyzers play a significant role in the testing and debugging of the key components utilized in these systems.

The characterization of opto-electronic (O/E) and electro-optical (E/O) components for photonic high-speed data transmission is critical as these components not only form the building block of the communication systems but also define the future of high-speed data in various domains of communication. Measuring the responsivity of components (such as PIN diodes, APDs, electro-absorption modulators, as well as modulated lasers) is crucial in today’s world. On-wafer, electro-optical ROSA/TOSA device characterization will also be crucial for the next-generation networks to work seamlessly.

This 20-minute Tech Talk examines the importance of leveraging a vector network analyzer based opto-electronic testing solution that provides specified, traceable measurements of O/E, E/O, and O/O devices with convenience and ease.

Who Should attend:

  • Opto-electronics component design and manufacturing engineers
  • Researchers from educational institutes
  • Optical foundries and engineers in the high-speed data domain
  • Anyone who deals with the measurements of any OE/EO/OO system or subsystem


Navneet Kataria, Product Marketing Engineer, Anritsu


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International