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Cassette-S4: Advanced Sealing for Extreme Off-Highway Conditions


In today’s mobile machinery markets, equipment that offers long-term reliability and power is key to industrial success. Whether cultivating crops in flooded fields or digging foundations in rock-hard ground, agricultural and construction machinery is routinely exposed to conditions that contaminate wheel hubs and infiltrate undercarriage operations. The resulting downtime is expensive for manufacturers and end-use customers alike.

To address these harsh operating conditions, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed the Cassette-S4, a new benchmark in off-highway industrial sealing. Cassette-S4 relies on a complex, three-component configuration that protects all functional parts – sealing lips, lip working surface, dirt exclusion lips, dedicated counter surfaces, and internal lubrication – in a single component that reduces part complexity and accidental damage during installation. Unlike its best-in-class Cassette-S3 predecessor, the Cassette-S4 lasts up to four times longer in comparative field testing, leaves no wear traces on the shaft during operation, and requires no rework or repositioning during service. The seal has no speed, temperature, or pressure limitations, provides lifetime internal lubrication, and incorporates advanced proprietary materials to achieve flawless functioning.


Brett Randall, Account Manager, Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International