Tech Talks: Automotive

Addressing Friction, Discharge, and Misalignment in an E-Mobility Powertrain


As electric vehicles continue to generate new consumer interest and demand, advanced technology is required to address e-mobility powertrain challenges such as friction reduction, elimination of electrical discharge, electromagnetic interference, and safety and assembly complexity. Solutions that address the needs of both current and future electric vehicle platforms offer unique value to manufacturers in terms of flexibility, component continuity, and safety.

This Tech Talk examines e-mobility material and component solutions that meet global electric vehicle safety and design requirements. It focuses on three components that provide highly effective backbone support to efficient, safe e-mobility powertrain platforms:

  • Low friction seals
  • Electrically Conductive Simmerrings®
  • Plug and Seal

It explains how and why these components achieve optimal functionality in e-mobility systems.


Michael J. Blake, Application Specialist, E-Mobility and Automotive Sales, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International