On-Demand Webinars: Automotive

SAE J2360 – A Global Automotive Gear Oil Performance Standard

In Conjunction with SAE

Providing durability in the protection of axles in commercial vehicles and passenger car vehicles is a key requirement for axle manufacturers, OEMs, and the military. The SAE J2360 performance standard is one way in which an oil marketer or OEM can ensure that a lubricant has been designed to achieve a high level of performance. With the SAE J2360 performance specification, manufacturers can specify and identify high-quality lubricants for use in their equipment anywhere in the world. Fleet owners benefit by gaining access to quality gear lubricants that will reduce equipment downtime and maintenance.

This 60-minute Webinar begins with a brief historical review of the standard and the role of lubricant design in meeting rigorous durability requirements. Laboratory test engineers will then share details about the key testing and performance requirements that define this standard. Finally, you will learn about the benefits that SAE J2360 qualified lubricants deliver to the end user as well as how a major OEM views these high-performing oils.

Segment 1: What Is SAE J2360 and Why Is It important?

Presented by Hyun-Soo Hong, Chevron

Segment 2: Demonstrating SAE J2360 Performance

Presented by Angela Trader, Intertek, and Rebecca Warden, SwRI

Segment 3: The Value of SAE J2360 to OEMs and End Users

Presented by Dale Kwasniewski, Meritor


Hyun-Soo Hong, Ph.D., Global Manager, Driveline and Specialties Technology, Chevron Lubricants
Angela Trader, Senior Project Engineer, Intertek Automotive Research
Rebecca Warden, Manager, Southwest Research Institute
Dale L. Kwasniewski, Chief Engineer, Meritor


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International