On-Demand Webinars: Energy

High Performance Thermal Management Solutions: Pumped Two Phase Cooling and Loop Thermosiphons

As the demand for higher power in lighter, smaller packages continues to increase, so does the need for a more advanced thermal management solution. Increasingly product designs are demanding more challenging size, weight, power and temperature requirements that cannot be achieved with conventional pumped liquid systems. Fortunately, proven, reliable systems are available to address this need.

This webinar will provide engineers with an understanding of the fundamentals of pumped two phase cooling. The webinar will highlight the major benefits of pumped two phase as well as identify the differences (and similarities) with pumped single-phase systems. We will also showcase loop thermosiphons, which is a passive high performance thermal management alternative as well as and other thermal solutions for high heat flux applications in optics, power electronics, and laser applications. We will end by looking into a case study in which ACT successfully combined thermal technologies to build a custom solution for an LED application.

For more information on the presented active and passive thermal technologies, please visit here.


Pete Ritt, VP, Sales and Marketing, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
Devin Pellicone, Lead Engineer, Special Products, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.