On-Demand Webinars: Manufacturing & Prototyping

5 Ways to Master Complex Features in Rapidly Manufactured Injection-Molded Parts

Designing for plastic injection molding, especially in a speed-focused process, is like raising teenagers – some parts (and teens) are more challenging than others. But by evaluating a few creative options, even the most difficult of these challenges can be overcome. This presentation looks in-depth at designing complex geometries for rapid injection molding, applying a non-traditional, rapid manufacturing approach to a traditional procedure to accomplish intricacy.

Learn more about:

  • Using clips and snap features
  • Creating living hinges
  • Designing for manual pick-outs
  • Accomplishing long thin cores and undrafted holes via staggered shutoffs
  • Designing with EDM in mind


Gus Breiland, Technical Sales Engineer, Proto Labs