On-Demand Webinars: Automotive

Connected Commercial Vehicles: Platooning, ADAS, Autonomous - More Than Mere Buzzwords

In Conjunction with SAE

Platooning, ADAS, autonomous technologies – all these areas converge as the commercial vehicle industry looks to improve both fuel efficiency and operator efficiency while not sacrificing safety. This one-hour Technical Webinar from the editors of SAE explores how we get from advanced driver assistance systems and wireless connectivity that enable platooning formations to eventual fully autonomous operations. Topics covered include the latest in ADAS technologies, V2X real-world applications, and vehicle architecture for ADAS and autonomous driving, as well as progression to real-time machine-made decisions and machine learning.

The experts on this Webinar panel examine these important trends and then field questions from the audience after their technical presentations.


Michael Peperhowe, Group Manager, Modeling, dSPACE GmbH
Dan Williams, Director of ADAS, Autonomy, and Integrated Vehicle Control System, ZF Commercial Steering Division
Ethan Ott, Senior Engineer, Advanced Engineering, Daimler Trucks North America


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International