On-Demand Webinars: Software

How to Get Started with Software Development for NXP’s S32 Automotive Platform

In Conjunction with SAE

To address the need for green, safe, secure and connected cars, automotive companies are relying more and more on electronics. The next-generation automotive electronic systems not only require SoCs delivering more performance and power efficiency, they will also depend on ever-increasing software content that needs to be developed, integrated and tested early and efficiently.

Today software development can start before silicon availability and system hardware availability using VDKs, which are a fast simulation of the SoC or the system hardware. In addition, these VDKs can be used for continuous integration and test.

The NXP S32 automotive processing platform is the world's first fully scalable automotive computing architecture, addressing the challenges of future car development and allowing carmakers to bring rich in-vehicle experiences and automated driving functions to market much faster.

This 30-minute Webinar discusses how Synopsys VDKs for the NXP S32 automotive processing platform can be deployed today, enabling software development, integration and test to start well before silicon and hardware availability.


Marc Serughetti, Director of Business Development, Synopsys
Manfred Thanner, Senior Principal Engineer, NXP


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International