On-Demand Webinars: Aerospace

Light-cure Solutions for the Aerospace/Defense Industry: Improve Your Bottom Line with the Speed of Light

Extending engine service life, improving imaging sensors for guidance, proximity systems, and protecting printed circuit boards from harsh environments are critical to the design and performance of components in all sectors of the aerospace and defense industry.

Light-cure formulations address increasing demands for new ways to improve these components by offering product technology that increases throughput, decreases rework and costs, enhances performance, and improves manufacturing processes while meeting the challenges of exacting performance requirements.

This webinar will discuss the advantages and benefits of light-curable materials (LCMs) for the Aerospace and Defense industry including conformal coatings, encapsulants, ruggedizing materials, shallow potting compounds, camera module adhesives, wire tacking adhesives, gap fill/form-in-place gaskets, and maskants. Join us for an educational webinar on September 19, 2018 as manufacturing/industry experts discuss how light-cure solutions compare to other chemistries and, how they can improve your bottom line with process efficiencies and cost reductions.


Virginia Hogan, Dymax Corporation